Friday, July 4, 2014

~ Florence ~

Florence is one of my very favourite places in Europe.  The light always seems magical...especially the glowy, golden hues that arrive at dusk and dance over the river and those glorious buildings.  

We were lucky enough to visit twice this time...once during the day and then again for a sunset dinner. 
The views from Piazzale Michelangelo out over the Arno and the Duomo are simply stunning (even the children were heard to "ooh") ...and its free parking!!

We came home laden with leaf embossed journals for the girls, vintage postcards and some gloves for me. And golden memories. 

** It was hard to resist the "David" boxers but, somehow, we managed.


  1. so beautiful, especially the last two photos & the journal looks gorgeous

  2. you have captured a gorgeous city just beautifully....
    (the buildings 'are' amazing aren't they? a different world...)

  3. Oh my goodness. How incredibly beautiful! xx

  4. looks like a stunning city!

  5. Gorgeous photos! Florence is one of my favourite cities even though I have never actually been there if that is possible!

    1. Definitely...I was in love with Florence and Venice before I ever thought about travel!!!

  6. Just gorgeous. My dad has an atlas from when he was at school that is hand covered in gorgeous marble paper. Always wanted to try doing it myself.

  7. One of my favourites too! And you've given me a great time watching those shots!

  8. Delightful to see its summer face. We stayed there one November with two four year olds who loved it. The light was golden then too, and the streets strung with tiny lights for Advent. Jean

  9. Be still my besting heart ...
    Your trip looks so so good.

    É Firenze, una bellissima città!

  10. florence is beautiful, isn't it? these pictures are getting me pretty excited for my own trip to italy this summer!


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