Tuesday, July 15, 2014

~ our joyful moments - week 28 ~

We visited Burano in Venice this week and I was completely entranced by all the colourful houses....now I'm dreaming of a pink house by the sea. 

Karin has been enjoying the seaside with friends too. That blue is so calming. 

#ourjoyfulmoments is a shared photography project between Karin and Ally sharing some lovely moments of our week. 


  1. The colour and life on Bursno is inspiring. Just today I was wondering why no one decorates their car... x

  2. I'd love a pink house by the sea, perhaps not in treechange where I live. All boys except for our desexed cats.

  3. Awww I knew it was not a good idea for my morale :) So much beautiful images what a wonderful family trip. You kind of followed my family tree and childhood. My grandma was from Lucca in Tuscany and my other Grand ma from the Basque country St Sebastian and I am from Provence near the luberon...I miss the summer over there it has been 14 years since I was there in summer....Lots of fond memories for me.Welcome back to Australia xx


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