Tuesday, January 29, 2013

~ garden mood board - jan/feb 2013 ~



Much of my garden is scorched and parched - victim of the unseasonably (for Tasmania) hot weather we've had in January.  There are huge cracks in the ground, the grass is stubbly brown and many of the trees look almost autumnal with burnt brown leaves.  We've lost camellias, daphnes, roses and some fuschias.

There are survivors - the lavender is thriving, the agapanthus and most of the roses are pretty hardy, some of the smaller cottagey plants are just starting to bloom.  Our tomatoes are finally starting to ripen.

I'm doing monthly garden mood-boards with Karin and her friends again this year.  
What's growing in your garden?



  1. I'm so very hppy that I find You after You found me and my blog!
    It's amaising that You on the other side of the world suddenly comment on my life!
    Also that you have summer now and we have winter makes this moodboard thing even more interesting.

    We have followed the heat in Tasmania on the TV. And now they report about al the rain and wind in some parts of Austraila now. Poor Aussi!

    Thank You so very mush. I just love your blog

    I be back!


  2. I love your garden mood boards. As you say, we have lost pretty much everything of colour in the garden except the Agapanthus. Somehow the Wallabies found a way to the water in the veggie patch tooso we have lost quite a few veggies too *sigh*. We have tomatoes and potatoes and that's about it. Mel x

  3. So pretty, you've photographed these flowers so beautifully.

  4. so beautiful, I love the hydrangeas

  5. your pictures breath summer. lovely. here in sweden it´s winter. grey and dull. can´t wait for spring to come

  6. Such stunning images Ally. It must have been disappointing to come home and find dead plants. We have been here the whole time and despite watering, the garden is still frazzled. The vege really failed.
    I must get my moodboard posted :)

  7. I have to say this is the most beautiful moodboard I've seen in my whole life :) congrats!

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  8. These pictures are so beautiful!

  9. What a beautiful board. I know how you feel Here in South Australia we have had some really hot weather and no rain :( Although there have been some unexpected survivers.

  10. Great pictures agreed! I love your little about me at the side I smiled the whole time while reading. You and I would hit it off! xx

  11. Beautiful photos. We thought of you when we saw the heartbreaking images of the fires south of Hobart.
    There is life in our garden, buds and bulbs all showing themselves. They'll hold back for a while though, but it's nice to know they are there x.

  12. Absolutely adore your photos this month - so pretty and so much summer! :) Thank you for sharing! xx

  13. I love your pictures, so cute and pretty :-)

  14. Those flowers look so fresh and colourful!

  15. the mood board is lovely and I really like that last shot!


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