Tuesday, May 26, 2015

~ taking stock - May 2015 ~


Making : envelopes and little papery things to put in them
Cooking : soup and more soup (and fabulous pork/beef meatballs)
Drinking : one coffee a day and lots of peppermint tea (and I had my first ever espresso martini on the weekend and it was fabulous!)
Reading: Craft for the Soul
Wanting: to find the remote for the apple tv so I can catch up on some shows
Looking: everywhere for it - where can those munchkins have hidden it?
Playing: yahtzee and chinese checkers with the children
Deciding: what to cook for tomorrow night - there's 10 to feed - I find that tricky on school nights
Wishing: I'd got the washing off the line tonight before the frost
Enjoying: evenings in front of the fire
Waiting: for the 3 little apples on our tree to be ready to eat
Liking: porridge with rhubarb for breakfast
Wondering: if my daughter will be well enough for school tomorrow
Loving: surprises in the letter box
Pondering: the value (or not) this government places on primary health care
Considering: buying lightroom and publisher so I can do an online course with life captured inc
Buying: warm jumpers for the kiddies
Watching: NCIS ( I really like Gibbs) and Masterchef
Hoping: it doesn't rain for the cross country this week
Marvelling: at the autumn colours in the streets
Cringing: at our governments treatment of refugees (always)
Needing: a drink of water
Questioning: my willpower (the chocolate stash is strangely deplete)
Smelling: that beautiful hyacinth (above)
Wearing: striped skirt, black cardy and tights
Following: gert geyer (she sent me a pretty letter this week)
Noticing: how dark the mornings are
Knowing: I need to exercise more
Thinking: about catching up with an old friend this week
Admiring: my neighbour's calm in the face of her terminal illness
Sorting: out my desk (its a weekly project)
Getting: ready for tomorrow tonight (its a busy one)
Bookmarking: slow cooker recipes (need to buy a slow cooker first)
Coveting: new bed linen
Disliking: how long the washing takes to dry
Opening: recipe books looking for dinner ideas
Giggling: at the text messages my daughter sends
Feeling: pretty content mostly
Snacking: raw almonds and carrots
Helping: navigate school cliques - its a tricky business
Hearing: my bed calling me


  1. Everything single thing in that photograph is beautiful. I want to steal that plant, that typewriter and that cup! I can relate to many of the thoughts on your list and feel mostly content too. But I really wish we could find a more compassionate and humanitarian way to deal with refugees. I feel our children will look back in disgust at this, as we look back at the white Australia policy, or so many other misguided moments in history.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on the blog. It means a lot! Have a wonderful week. May you get a beautiful sunshiny day for cross country. :)

  2. Haha! I spent months looking at slow cooker recipes before I finally bought a slow cooker two months ago! I love it - and now think I should have bought one last winter! Diy pizzas for 10 to cook for? They're always a hit here :) glad you are content; and hope your daughter feels better soon xxxx

  3. *sigh* that is such a gorgeous photo...


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