Sunday, May 10, 2015

~ 10 on 10 - May 2015 ~



It was Mother's Day today - what a lovely day to document with a #tenonten series of photos.

The day started perfectly - family cuddles in bed,  beautiful cards (they always make me teary) and a new little toy to play with (featured in the list later).  I'm so very grateful to be a mum - its exactly who and what I'm meant to be doing right now and it brings me so much joy.

We were running late for the Mother's Day Classic (a walk to raise money for breast cancer awareness and research) that we participate in most years and so I had my breakfast up (less messy) and enjoyed the pretty pink carnations I'd helped choose yesterday (current flower crush - not trendy at all)

My card from Jack called me the best "huger" ever which is so funny as he always used to spell hug as huge anyway.

We wore pink shoes (and scarves) and collected lots of medals on our walk.

We joined my mum and some family friends for lunch.  I made a huge pot of my favourite lentil soup - this was the raita that goes on top.

I found the first tiny grape hyacinth for the season in the garden today - far too early.

The Question a Day book has been sadly neglected lately - we're trying to catch up a bit

The Instax printer was my present today - I love it.

The autumn leaves are so pretty - a big reminder to look up as well as down.

The seeds we planted a month ago today are going well 

Journalling at the end of the day - I'm being good with this.


How do you document your days?
Do you keep a journal?


  1. Looks and sounds like a lovely mothers day, have a good week x

  2. Sounds like a full and wonderful day! The children surprised me with printed letters from each - very touching. Although there is definitely a special charm to those hand written and created spelling notes. Are you happy with the quality of the Instax printer?

  3. Sounds like a lovely mothers day (love the leaf photo).

    It's terrible, but whether Mum gets teary is almost the test for the success of presents.....well, not quite, but if she does, we know she really, really likes it, lol

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you Ally:) Being a Mum is my favourite job too, it's a special one:) Ahh the cards and the messages get me every time too, I love reading them and feel blessed to get those things written to me from my girls. Have a wonderful week. xxx


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