Tuesday, September 16, 2014

~ our joyful moments - week 37 ~

This week I found some"weeds" in the footpath outside our house ... sweet little forget-me-nots that I love having in a vase in our bathroom.

Karin found some cheery hydrangeas - such a gorgeous colour!

We're finding and celebrating the little moments in our week that bring us joy - here and on IG (#ourjoyfulmoments).


  1. Gorgeous! Especially love that first image xx

  2. Oh how I love those forget me nots of yours. I have a little posy of them beside me here on the kitchen table but mine are an all blue variety, and while they're still dainty and pretty, I much prefer the yellow centred ones... I'll have to look out for some seeds of that type when I'm at the nursery next...


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