Monday, September 8, 2014

~ our joyful moments - week 35 and 36 ~


I missed last week as I was sick in bed with flu - so I'm catching up today.  I'm so grateful for the #ourjoyfulmoments project as its the only thing keeping me blogging at the moment - I'm hoping that will change soon. 

Last week we made lemonade scones on a whim and devoured them in minutes, still warm...delicious.
Karin was harvesting beautiful veggies from her garden - and probably making something delicious and gorgeous looking - she is a talented cook and photographer!

Karin and I  are both sharing flowers again this week  - my daughter Lily is holding a beautiful bunch of spring daffodils and Karin went out after the rain and found that beautiful light and those gorgeous pink roses.

(Pink roses are my favourite roses - which ones are your favourite?)

#ourjoyfulmoments is a weekly photography project here and on IG where Karin and I share the small joys of our week.


  1. Oh Ally! This is so beautiful and just screams of the joys of Spring! So gorgeous! I'm so looking forward to catching up on your delightful posts.
    Sophie x

  2. Those flowers - the daffodils and the roses! So beautiful! I love your Lily's dress too! X

  3. I adore the daffodil capture. Our roses are flourishing here too... Double Delights for us :)


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