Sunday, June 8, 2014

~ some French blues ~

I like France better than Spain.

Mainly because it's prettier (which is an incredibly shallow reason for choosing one country over another but there you go).

There are some other reasons;

     I love the hearing the French speak french (I can even understand a little bit)
     The food is to die for (that bread, the cheeses, citron tart...)
     I can operate the postal system - ie I can find an open post office, purchase stamps and post items
     They keep more civilised hours ( we can put the children to bed earlier)
     We've had better weather here and everyone knows the index for liking a country is weighted towards those countries with a higher blue sky incidence

We've been driving without purpose for much of this week
Stopping next to fields with white horses, interesting signs, pretty wheat or towns with great names
The weather has been kind and the adventuring is good.  


  1. Just lovely...... & Paris is a pretty good reason all by itself...

  2. Oh yes. All good reasons for loving France. Sigh. I wish I was there right now! Beautiful photos xx

  3. My heart is bursting with love and envy. I love France... so much. Wouldn't it be a beautiful place to live?

  4. I'm french alors ça me fait plaisir de lire ça ;-)
    Béline From Dordogne

  5. Love the picture of the poppies against the blue sky. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  6. Magical! We will be in Paris next month and I can't wait to gorge myself on cheese and crepes and pastries and bread. Mmmmmm (and my 8 year old asked if we can eat a crepe everyday we are in Paris - maybe we will)

    Loving all your photos on IG. Happy travels, lovely.

    Cat xox


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