Friday, June 27, 2014

~ Roma ~

It was thundery, hot and humid in Rome - very Latin weather if you like.

Rome never changes - its crazy beautiful.  

Loud, fast and furious.

Majestic even amongst the filth, crumbling buildings and revolting smells.

The traffic is insane ... the numbers of tourists even more so.

As we approach the tail-end of our grand adventure its becoming harder to walk the fine line of educative touristing and trying too hard.  Here we skipped the queue (because we could) at the Vatican and marvelled at the room of maps more so than the Sistine chapel (because you could hardly breathe in there) and we left St Peter's for next time (because the queues were over 2 hours long...and you do need a reason to come back).

We wandered and soaked up the essence of Roma.  We sat in the piazzas and crowd watched as we slurped our gelati.  We drank espresso and campari and ate fabulous pizza. 

We will be back


  1. Beautiful photos, sounds wonderful!

  2. Ah beautiful Rome! I spent six months there, years ago, and used to drink in that cafe all the time. Happy memories...

  3. Ooh this makes me excited for my upcoming trip :)

  4. Got to love Rome and your beautiful photos from the city! :) I wish I was there....xx

  5. How gorgeous. Love to go to Rome again! Enjoy!

  6. Ally your photos are just amazing! Espresso, gelati, campari and fabulous pizza... All sounds like heaven!

    Sophie xo

  7. Magnificent! You're definitely giving me the travel bug! xx


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