Monday, December 8, 2014

~ our joyful moments - week 48 ~

{I originally wrote this post a week ago and somehow it never got published}.

This is week 48 of #ourjoyfulmoments -  my photo is some of my snail mail presents wrapped and ready to send  - the snail mail community on instagram is such a supportive and wonderful group of women and I'm loving sharing some Christmas joy with them.

Karin has found some rare blue skies in what is usually a grey time of year. 

We share some little moments of our week every week here and on IG.


  1. Love your wrapping style - what a treat to receive those little parcels. Too nice to un-wrap ha ha.

  2. Love your wrapping! I was inspired by your lovely cards last year where you used a photo of your little Santa decoration and so this year, I made gift tags using my photo from last year of the same decoration as yours. It's nice having unique cards and tags I think. Your parcels look lovely xx


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