Tuesday, November 18, 2014

~ our joyful moments - week 46 ~

Very seasonal offerings again this week.

I've been starting a little bit of Christmas craft (those overseas postal deadlines are looming) - thought this one just had to be part of #ourjoyfulmoments.

Karin has been finding a little colour amongst the grey.

#ourjoyfulmoments is a weekly photography project - shared here and on IG

What's bringing you joy this week?


  1. beautiful - I love how well your colours match :)

  2. so pretty- these look so beautiful together. It's a little bit hard to believe how close Christmas is- very cute little decoration that you've made.

  3. It's amazing how often your joyful moments match Karin's in some way Ally. I always wonder if you both just choose at random? Christmas is scarily close! xx


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