Friday, September 23, 2011

~ the story I heard last night~

The end of another boring school meeting.
We were sitting, chatting, idly gossiping, sharing stories, laughing.
One of the other women suddenly turned to me and asked if I wanted to hear a story.
"Is it a good one?" I asked.
"It's a doozy"

And it was.

Here it is.


Almost 6 years ago C was living in Edinburgh, on a working holiday, enjoying life. She was working hard, partying hard and flatting with her sister. Just before Christmas her mum flew out from Australia to have a white Christmas with her girls. Christmas Eve they walked the streets, ate well, drank gluhwein and enjoyed the winter version of Christmas.
But C began to feel unwell. Soon she was vomiting. They called the NHS; "see how you go and come in if it gets worse" A couple of panadol and a restless night with not much improvement and C fronted up to hospital instead of unwrapping her presents under the tree.
A doctor ran some tests and then pale-faced asked to speak to her privately.
Her mum and sister left the room.
The doctor then informed her she was pregnant.
2 hours later she gave birth to a full-term, healthy, 7lb baby.
The biggest surprise Christmas present ever.


She had had no idea. Her periods had been regular. Her size 10 jeans still fit. No-one had noticed a thing.

I'm sure my jaw literally dropped. I've always been a sceptic. Thought those stories in trashy magazines and late-night tv were rubbish. Dismissed them out of hand.

I still find it hard to believe. For me, nothing remained the same when I was pregnant. My appetite changed, my boobs changed, I was tired, I grew babies that wriggled and hiccoughed and whose feet I could hold through my abdominal wall.

To imagine a life growing inside someone with no outside changes simply staggers me.
And yet, there's no denying C's story.
I'm sure some people would envy her easy, trouble-free pregnancy.
Not me - I loved being pregnant - enjoyed (nearly) every step - I marvelled at how my body changed and evolved and coped. I loved the planning and the dreaming of the future. Thrilled at the anticipation of what was to come.

{no mistaking what's going on here}

Do you have a hard time believing stories like this?
Have you heard any good stories recently? 


  1. Wow, MY jaw literally dropped when I reached the part about her pregnancy! Amazing. I was always a little sceptical of stories like these, but there you go.

    And I agree with you (hypothetically for now, obviously!) - I wouldn't want to miss out on knowing that I was pregnant, and neither would D (he is already planning my pregnancy diet in advance, lol!) ... we are so super excited about the future prospect that I think we would feel a little ripped off if we didn't get to experience every step of the way (whether good, bad or uncomfortable)!

    Have a great weekend :) xox

  2. Wow I've heard of stories like this but found it hard to believe that you wouldn't feel anything like the baby moving or your body changing. I think if that happened to me I would feel a bit sad about not really experiencing being pregnant and a bit scared too not being prepared. I haven't heard any good stories like that before or anything really exciting lately, just hanging out at home with my girls. Have a great weekend Ally. xo

  3. i wasn't sure where this story was headed at first. wow. i do find it hard to understand but i believe it. i just can't imagine being pregnant and not knowing.

  4. Yes me too!! I heard of a couple of similar stories like that where baby comes in "incognito"! I must admit I laughed a lot at the first one thinking... yes right?!...but must be the third time now??? Could not miss mines as well.Specially the feeling of being soooo soooo sick during our honey moon on the "french riviera" where even opening the fridge or in the car driving through roundabout would send me into a "catastrophe" :)lolx

  5. Heard it before, but still find it hard to believe. Can't they feel the baby move? Do some people not put on much weight at all? I was going to say, maybe she was a larger girl and it was all hidden, but then remember you said size 10. I looked like your pic when I was pregnant. No hiding that!


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