Tuesday, June 30, 2015

~ taking stock - June 2015 ~

Making : raspberry and white chocolate muffins for school lunch boxes
Cooking : hoisin and sesame chicken for dinner tonight - its a family fave
Drinking : heaps of water
Reading: Jo Nesbo for the thrills and re-reading "a constellation of vital phenomena" because I loved it so much last year
Wanting: a status anxiety purse
Looking: for pairs for the odd gloves I dug out of the winter basket on the weekend
Playing: old maid in front of the fire with the kids and scrabble on line
Deciding: that I don't need a muffin before bed tonight (or do I?)
Wishing: I had more willpower
Enjoying: Game of Thrones (we've just finished watching it and need a new series now)
Waiting: For George R R Martin to finish writing the next book in the series
Liking: taking the kids on some bushwalks in the last month
Wondering: where my basket making needle has got to (I cannot find it anywhere)
Loving: soups for lunch
Pondering: how to improve my parenting skills to cope with my tween girls and their moods
Considering: printing up some cards and selling them in a local boutique
Buying: this cool pillowcase for Jack's bed
Watching: Masterchef with the kids
Hoping: for snow at Cradle Mountain in the holidays
Marvelling: at the beautiful lilies my brother sent me today
Cringing: at the overreaction to the Q&A show
Needing: lots of cuddles
Questioning: where Australia is heading
Smelling: the lemony hand cream I rubbed in before
Wearing: my evening uniform - trackie and ugg boots
Following: the lunch lady for school holiday recipe ideas
Noticing: subtle signs of spring in the garden
Knowing: that not being too busy is really good for me
Thinking: about a cup of tea before bed
Admiring: people with lovely manners
Sorting: out stuff for my tax
Getting: frustrated with myself for not being more organised
Bookmarking: activity ideas for the holidays
Coveting: a new coffee table
Disliking: the empty house across the road (my neighbour is in hospital and won't be coming home)
Opening: a parcel that arrived from Lark today - I'd forgotten what I ordered
Giggling: at the funny things Jack says
Feeling: achy in the chest from weights class this morning
Snacking: less than I used to (yay)
Helping: my mum because she can't drive at the moment
Hearing: the thump of tennis balls - the Doc is watching Wimbledon



  1. I love that photo- the flowers look so great against that blue sky.

  2. Hi Ally , we are planning a move to Hobart. Do you have any tips for great primary schools? Gx georgiasutton@yahoo.com


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